Every bike is an adventure bike.
— Jesse Carlsson

About Me:

Lets adventure, by bike.

This website was simply created as a means to document my general adventures by bike, my cycling races, and to allow friends and family to follow me along the way. There are so many great resources for adventure cyclists and ultra endurance racing out there, I have hopes to develop this as an additional educational resource for others as I embark on my own journey in the sport of ultra endurance cycling.

I grew up competing, primarily as a runner, and just recently (in 2017) have I decided to start competing in cycling events.  I have always been fond of riding bikes, originally just kicking around town on a BMX bike, but it wasn't until I was in college that I found a love for long distance cycling. I was injured at one point and turned to cycling for a cross training method. I had done a bunch of hour to two hour long rides and finally decided to embark on a 70 mile loop around Skaneateles Lake, near Syracuse, NY. That was my first long distance ride, and I was hooked on the freedom it allowed, and the ability to explore such a large distance.